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Title: Don't Kiss and Tell
Author: [livejournal.com profile] willtrasksbabe
Pairing: Will/Evan, baby!
Rated: PG
Summary: Will and Evan's first kiss (like I hope it happens in episode 4!)
Disclaimer: They aren't mine. I just make them do naughty things.

This couldn't be happening.

And yet it seemed it was, as Will felt Evan's hands sliding up his arms to his shoulders. Evan's blue eyes were wide and dark, but Will didn't think there was any vampiric power in them compelling him to feel this way, as though he were on the brink of something vast and unknown, terrifying and yet so perfectly right that there was no way he could turn away or refuse. No, those were the same eyes he remembered from college, bright and clear and oddly innocent, despite what Will knew his friend had become. Too innocent to hold the pain that lurked in their depths like a dark cloud in a summer sky.

Evan's hands were at the side of his neck now, those long, slender fingers gliding over his skin. Will shivered; the touch was too cool, another reminder of what had happened to rip Evan apart, literally destroying his life and leaving the pieces to fall into Will's hands. Will wanted to put his friend back together, to heal his hurts and make him whole again. It was impossible, of course, but that didn't keep him from desperately wanting to try.

Their lips met; Will wasn't certain who made the last move and closed the inches between them, but his own hands were on Evan's waist, pulling him closer. Cool lips, but sweet, so incredibly sweet, and they warmed beneath Will's quickly. Evan made a sound in his throat, a hungry whimper that inflamed Will further. Then Evan's lips parted beneath his, and Will couldn't refuse the invitation, deepening the kiss, tongues sliding and twining, exploring and devouring. He wanted... no, he needed this, needed it as he needed air to breathe. He couldn't tell where he ended and Evan began, but he no longer cared. Every kiss in his life faded into insignificance beside this, any past pleasure but a vague and distant memory. There was only this moment, and Evan, and Will knew it was the only thing he would ever crave again.

It ended, and they separated, Will flushed and panting, Evan standing still, eyes closed, so still that Will felt a sudden surge of fear. "Evan? I... did... do you feel all right?" he asked, moving one hand to Evan's cheek.

Blue eyes opened at last, but the pain within them was gone. "I feel... alive," Evan whispered, an odd note in his voice, one that sounded almost like hope. "For the first time since... I feel alive."

Will smiled in relief, tightening the arm still around Evan's waist in a protective gesture. There was so much to say, and everything was more complicated than ever, but for the moment it didn't matter. "So do I," Will whispered. "So do I."
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