Fic - Blood Brother - Evan/Anna

Title: Blood Brother
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Evan/Anna
Summary: After Evan was bitten by Elizabeth he was confused and upset, but he found sympathy in the arms of Elizabeth's daughter, not knowing that she, too shared the dark secret...
Author Notes: This is obviously set before the start of the show, but hopefully it provides a good backstory!

Blood Brother )

Fic - A Kind of Magic - Will/Evan/Marielle

Title: A Kind of Magic
Pairing: Will/Evan/Marielle
Author: [ profile] dark_of_nyte
Rating: Hard R
Summary: After the blood ritual, Will and Evan learn that Marielle isn't quite done with them yet
Notes: My first fic - I hope I captured the spirit of the episode!!!!

A Kind of Magic )

Fic: "Witchy Women"

Title: Witchy Women
Author: [ profile] willtrasksbabe
Pairing: Elizabeth/Marielle
Rated: NC17
Summary: They weren't always rivals...
Disclaimer: Not mine! I just do naughty things with them.

Witchy Women )

Fic: Don't Kiss and Tell

Title: Don't Kiss and Tell
Author: [ profile] willtrasksbabe
Pairing: Will/Evan, baby!
Rated: PG
Summary: Will and Evan's first kiss (like I hope it happens in episode 4!)
Disclaimer: They aren't mine. I just make them do naughty things.

Don't Kiss and Tell )

Fic: "Immortal Enemy, Immortal Love"

Title: "Immortal Enemy, Immortal Love"
Author: [ profile] lugosi_lives
Rated: R
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth (because you know it's hot!!)
Summary: Will is seduced by what he fears most.
Disclaimer: Not mine! Wish they were!
Notes: please read and review!!

Immortal Enemy, Immortal Love )

Fic: "Out of Darkness"

Title: Out of Darkness
Author: [ profile] willtrasksbabe
Pairing: Will/Evan (OTP!)
Rated: NC17
Summary: Will wants to do whatever it takes to bring Evan back from the edge.

Out of Darkness )

Fic: "Power Play"

Title: Power Play
Author: [ profile] bathory_scribe
Rated: NC17
Pairing: Evan/Elizabeth/Anna
Summary: Evan is initiated into Elizabeth's world.
Warnings: threesome, incest, biting, blood-letting

Power Play )

Fic: "The Blood Is the Life", by Bathory Scribe

Title: The Blood Is the Life
Author: [ profile] bathory_scribe
Pairing: Evan/Elizabeth
Rated: NC17
Summary: The story of Evan's seduction by Elizabeth Bathory.
Warnings: blood-letting, biting

The Blood Is the Life )

Falling into Darkness

Hi there! I don't like write stories or anything, but I'm something of a poet, so I wrote this about Evan and Will and how Will wants Evan to make him a vampire, too. So, I hope you like it! Cross-posted to [ profile] bloodbathoryfen, [ profile] deadpoetsociety, [ profile] gothlove, [ profile] bloodandwords. Reviews are love!!!

Slowly I die, melting in your arms
Dissolving like ice in the heat of the summer sun
Fading, falling, I feel life slipping away
Draining into you

Darkness is upon me now
My blood flowing away like the last rivulets of a spring storm
There is no pain;
No, only joy
For even as I die I know
I will be born again in you

Fic: "Point and Shoot"

Title: Point and Shoot
Author: [ profile] willtrasksbabe
Rated NC17
Pairing: Will/Evan
Warning: exhibitionism
Summary: Evan hasn't felt like picking up a camera since he was turned, but Will inspires him.
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I'm just borrowing them.
Notes: This is my first Blood Bathory fic, so be kind!

Point and Shoot )