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Welcome to bloodbathoryfic, a community for fanfiction and fan art based on the new dark horse hit series, Blood Bathory!


1. This community will likely contain adult content, thus membership is restricted to those of 18 years of age or older.

2. Slash and het pairings of ratings G through NC17 are allowed.

3. All genres of stories and art are welcome, but if your story or art contains NC17 or potentially squicky material, it must be posted behind a lj cut.

4. No off topic posts are allowed. On topic: stories, art, poety, or icons related to Blood Bathory. Anything else is off topic and will be deleted. Real Person Fic (het or slash) will not be allowed. Please direct all discussion of the episodes and cast to bloodbathoryfen.

5. Please add a header with the following information with each story or art:

Warnings: (if applicable)
Challenge: (if it's written in response to a challenge)
Notes: (if applicable)

6. Please do not friends-lock posts or link to friends-locked posts.

Community moderator: rogue60

Disclaimer: All Blood Bathory characters and concepts are copyrighted by Dark Moon Productions; this community and its contents are intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended.

This community is fictional, as is Blood Bathory. To see what this is all about, read Another Kind of Fandom Wank by arionrhod and scribbulus_ink. While most posts with lj cuts are fake, the ones with comments do contain content behind the cut. If there isn't a comment, there isn't any content behind the cut. Huge thanks to lore and ellid for helping to flesh out the community commentary!

Blood Bathory and all its related characters and concepts are copyrighted by Blessed Moon Productions, which is real. Do not use, borrow, or reproduce elsewhere.
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